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If you are going to be in Fremont, you may want to stop in at Nancy’s Boutique, located in the Historic Commercial District downtown. It may even be worth making a special trip to Fremont just to check out this little shop.

   Owner Nancy Hoshor says her clients are fashion-conscious women who don’t want to end up wearing the same outfit as everyone else at the office or anywhere else. Although the overall theme is classic, her boutique also carries trendy fashions and fun, offbeat accessories and pieces for the client who wants to mix it up a little, she says.

   “My customers shop here because it’s not a full rack of the same item,” Nancy explains. “I usually just buy three-of-a-kind.” She adds that this means her fashions are unique in a good way, not an outrageous one. “I think my clothes do tend to be classic. You’ll be able to wear them year after year. Its not going to be a one-time out where everybody remembers it and you won’t be able to wear it again.”

  Nancy’s Boutique carries pieces from a variety of designers. Some of the boutique’s notable lines include Blue Willi’s, Brighton, Cartise, Nic & Zoe,  Spanner and. The shop features business attire, casual wear, special occasion apparel, and some of the latest trends. It fully covers the busy lifestyles of her diverse demographic, Nancy comments.

   "My typical client is probably 40 and up. I also have 90-year-olds, but they don't dress like 90-year-olds," Nancy says with a smile. "I buy for everybody, so I also have merchandise in here for 20-year-olds. My grand-daughter is 17, and she finds tops and things that she likes."

   You’ll find jackets and a wide array of fashion tops, dresses and pants ranging from jeans and casual capris to dress slacks. There are stand-alone items, full ensembles and layering pieces. Nancy even carries shapewear and fashion tape to make sure everything looks perfect for those important events.

   And of course, you’ll probably want to pull everything together with some finishing touches on the outside, too. Nancy even offers a selection of fashion jewelry, scarves, handbags, small leather goods, and other accessories.

   Nancy is from North Dakota originally, but she came to Nebraska with her family while in high school and has made Fremont her home ever since. Although she has been the sole owner of her self-named boutique for thirteen years, she has been in the boutique business for 20 years. She has been in the fashion business her entire career, including a stint as a buyer for a department store chain.

   Nancy still goes to market personally and hand-picks everything for her store. She has built long-standing relationships with designer reps that translate into an exceptional selection for her customers, she points out. Because of her connections, Nancy is even able to present a trunk show every fall featuring a preview of goods from upcoming spring and summer lines. “I always take the first cuts of everything, so when they start shipping out, I’m with the first to get everything,” she says. “I’ll start having some fall things coming in here in June.”

   Because she knows her regular clients and their tasks so well, Nancy says that she does not hesitate at market to ask showroom personnel to try on clothes to see how they look on certain figures. “My customer is an ordinary fit and an ordinary person,” Nancy explains.

   This is just another example of her fundamental principle of always taking the extra step for her customers, she shares. Nancy says she aims to be more than just the woman who rings up the sale. She actually makes some of her buying decisions with a particular client in mind. “I have a lot of very good customers who are repeat,” she says. “I know most of my customers who come in here regularly and their sizes, so if I think they will like it, I will buy it for them.”

   That kind of personalized service, which is rare today, also includes her personal advisements on fashion, accessorizing, and fit for the customer who wants it. And sometimes, Nancy explains, it’s just a matter of helping a customer discover her individual fit preference and see beyond the size on a label.

   “We here in the Midwest, we don’t wear our clothes as tight as they do on the coasts,” Nancy says. Bottom line; “You just have to try on everything. It’s the way you perceive yourself and the way you carry yourself when you put it on.”

   Nancy’s Boutique generally carries sizes 4 to 16, but Nancy says she’s happy to order an item in another size for a customer if she doesn’t have hers on-hand or if the fit isn’t quite right in a shopper’s regular size. She also knows which lines carry larger sizes or specialty sizes, such as petite or tall, and she can advise a customer accordingly.

   Nancy emphasizes that she is even willing to sacrifice a sale if she thinks the shopper won’t be happy with her purchase. Sometimes an item looks appealing on the hanger but is simply not a flattering color or style for an individual’s physique, coloring, or even personality, she explains. And a client who doesn’t feel confident and attractive in her new outfit won’t want to wear it and won’t come back, she adds.

   “I am very opinionated,” Nancy says, chuckling. “When (a customer) tries on something, I ask them if they want my opinion or not. If they do, I tell them. If somebody doesn’t look good in something, I’m not letting them walk out of here.”

   So, if you would like to check out the new fall offerings coming at the end of the month or if you would like to see what’s on-hand for summer, you may want to visit downtown Fremont. “If you love shopping in a boutique, I think I have something you would like,” Nancy says. “I think everybody can find something. Come by and look at my store and let me get to know you.”

   And once you’re a regular, Nancy will be glad to keep her eyes open for you. “I tell everybody to give me a call and tell me what you are looking for. I’ll tell you if there is something new,” she says.

      – by Kara S. Poulos


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